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This is The Portable Boat Shop, your one-stop specialist in boats that are easier to transport and store, from leading manufacturers worldwide, including:

Nestaway Boats look and perform just like "normal" solid boats, but the hulls are designed to divide into two or three sections, which nest inside each other.

There are five sizes, from 8 to 16ft. Pictured here is the two-piece 9ft clinker stem dinghy.

They have composite hulls with wooden trim, look beautiful, and sail, row or motor very efficiently.

Designed and built in the UK.  

Nautiraid of France make folding skin-on-frame dinghies, canoes and kayaks to excellent standards using highest quality materials (they also supply to the military).

The range comprises over 15 different models from 6-18ft in length. Pictured here is a Coracle 250 (8ft) dinghy tender. Nautiraid boats are notably lightweight, a key attribute of portability.

DinghyGo is a unique range of sailing inflatable dinghies from Holland. Folding up into two compact bags, it's probably not unfair to claim that they're the world's most portable sailing boats.

They have excellent stability and carrying capacity, and can also be motored and rowed.


Portabotes, from the USA, are ultra-tough plastic boats that fold up into a long flat shape akin to a surfboard. They have been made for over 30 years with over 100,000 sold worldwide.

Their beamy hulls are exceptionally stable and plane very easily. They are also very durable and you can abuse a Portabote in ways that no other boat will take (folding or otherwise).


F-RIBs are one of those products that just seems so obvious when you see them. "Why didn't I think of that?!"
They are proper RIBs, with excellent performance and stability, yet the bottom also folds in three for easier transport and storage.

Point 65 make sit-on-top and sit-inside kayaks with a difference: they divide into sections for easier transport and storage.

A particularly clever feature is that they can be used with or without the middle section to make two-piece one-person boats, or three-piece two-person boats. There are four different designs, but the most popular by far is the versatile Tequila sit-on-top. We offer package prices (including paddle and back rest) from £489. 


The most recent addition to our range is the amazing new Oru Origami kayak from California. Besides its amazingly compact folded dimensions - yes there's a 12ft kayak in this box - it's light, quick to set up and very tough. They also paddle really well, particularly in comparison to their most obvious competition, inflatables. They have won countless awards and owners rave about them, so we're delighted to be selling them in the UK.

Click here for more info:
Oru Kayak UK

In our experience some of the main reasons that people (that is people who'd like a boat at all!) don't buy a boat are:

- they've got nowhere to store it, or have too many other things to store already. This category includes people who'd like a "proper dinghy" as tender to their yacht, but don't have the space on deck.

- they don't want to tow a trailer, or already tow something else, eg a caravan.

- the size of boat they want is too heavy for a roof rack, or just too heavy for them personally to get up on a roof rack.

Everybody has a different set of circumstances, but between the Nestaway, Nautiraid, DinghyGo, Portabote, and Point 65 ranges we can solve most of these potential ownership problems. We will listen to you and offer advice on what we think will suit you best.

You can see our boats and motors by appointment at our premises near Christchurch (UK South Coast between Poole and Southampton). Weather and tide-dependent, we can often also organise an on-water trial.

Telephone: 0800 999 2535 (free from most UK landlines)

Mobile: 07768 600595

Email: mail@nestawayboats.com

LEGAL NOTE: PortableBoatShop is a trading name of Nestaway Boats Ltd, but that does not mean we will try to sell you a Nestaway if we - or more importantly you - think a Nautiraid, DinghyGo, F-RIB, Portabote or Point 65 would suit you better! We think the best way to do business is to let you tell us about your boating needs, then offer information and advice; we hate pushy salesmen ourselves so do not employ them. Our management team between them have over 90 years experience choosing and using small boats and dinghies.

PortableBoatShop - your one-stop, UK South Coast, shop for DinghyGo
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We also sell boating accessories including Torqeedo electric outboards,
Tohatsu and Suzuki petrol outboards, oars, rowlocks, cleats, sailing rigs,
anchors, shackles, pad and many other yacht chandlery items.

We're confident in our claim that we offer the world's widest variety of portable boats.