World's Leading Range of Sectional Nesting Boats,
Designed for Easier Transport and Storage

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Nestaway Boats build a unique range of dinghies and dayboats, in sizes from 8-16 feet. All are designed to divide into sections that nest inside each other for easier transport and storage. They are very quick and easy to put together, and once assembled are virtually indistinguishable from conventional boats.

The boat shown above is the Nestaway 9ft clinker dinghy, with optional sailing rig; above left is the same dinghy dismantled and nested on the special towbar-mount platform. Click here - 9ft Nesting Clinker Stem Dinghy - for more information.

Shown right is the new Nestaway Trio 16, during sea trials of her lug ketch rig.

She joins the range as "bigger sister" to the popular Trio 14, a three-section Nestaway which will fit in the back of many estate cars. The Trio 16 also divides into three pieces, to make the neat package shown below. At just 7ft long it can be transported on a small trailer or inside a van; and back home you can stand it on end in the corner of your garage or shed. 

Nests into a package 7ft long x 4ft 6" wide

Nestaway Boats currently offer two other nesting dinghy designs:
- the 8ft Pram Dinghy, a two-section boat designed primarily as a yacht tender, but also proving popular with owners of camper vans etc. The "pram" bow gives extra volume and capacity, whilst enabling the nested package to store very neatly upside down. It can be rowed, sailed or motored and is easy to handle. Click here to see our main nesting pram dinghy page NESTING PRAM DINGHY
- the Trio 14, a three-piece boat designed to fit in the back of many estate cars. This is essentially a square-stern Canadian canoe, but a little wider and flatter aft (it planes with 3.5hp) with options to row, sail or motor. Click here to see our main Trio 14 page: NESTAWAY TRIO 14

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