Fast under Power, Superb Stability, Quick & Easy Assembly
Four Sizes, from 275-460cm (approx 9-15ft)

These revolutionary RIBs from Russia have unique three-section articulated folding solid hulls. This makes them much easier to transport and store, whilst preserving the renowned performance and stability of a "proper RIB" (as opposed to one with a soft bottom).
Amazingly, their folded length is actually less than one third of their assembled length. This is because the inflatable tubes, when blown up, extend beyond the hard floor, but the folded size is dictated by the floor dimensions only (the rest folds inside).

Another advantage of the folding hard floor is that it creates a very consistent folded size, unlike all-fabric dinghies which have to be "wrestled" into shape (if you have ever tried this, you will know what we mean!).

These compact - and consistent - folded dimensions make it easy to carry a folded F-RIB on the deck of a yacht (above), or in the back of a car (left). 
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