NEW FOLDAWAY Folding Boats
LOW-PRICED, Virtually Indestructible Folding
Plastic Boats, Available July 2013 

The new FoldAway 8 fold-flat plastic boat is an economically-priced, ultra-tough, two-person tender. The double-ended hull form minimises drag, making her a delight to row. It's also possible to fit a motor on this dinghy, but nine times out of ten it would probably be quicker to use the oars.
Shown here with the optional 6ft 6" wooden oars (slightly shorter aluminium/plastic ones are included as standard), she really flies along.

Another advantage of the double-ended design is that with two people on board the rower can sit on what was the stern seat, passenger in what was the bow, and row her "backwards" with almost perfect weight distribution.
FoldAway Boats are assembled in the UK from precision CNC-machined tough plastic panels. The joints are riveted - arguably even stronger than the alternative stapling method - and these boats will withstand abuse like nothing else, folding or not. 

Nearest landing is a rocky shore? No problem with a Foldaway - they are quite a lot tougher than old boots - you can just drag it up. And watch all the inflatable owners' faces go green with envy!

Dismantled and folded up
The double-ended shape means the FoldAway 8 has less volume, but also less drag than a transom-hulled (square-backed) design. That means at displacement speeds - rowing, or powered by an electric outboard - it will be more easily driven; ie you'll go further, or faster, or both, for the same amount of energy. But it won't plane.
Foldaway Boats are easy to row - but you can also put an outboard on the back using the optional bracket (shown at stern in this picture). You will only need the smallest of petrol motors; and electric outboards will also work well.
The Foldaway Boats - 8ft model shown here - are straightforward to open/close, and the folded hulls are surprisingly lightweight, at approximately 20kg (45-lb).

The removable components weigh another 4 or 5kg.

The folded package is narrow enough that most men (of average height or above) can carry it underarm, ie comfortably, tucked against their body.

Foldaway Boats are made from precision-machined ultra-tough plastic panels, riveted together at very close centres with washers to spread the load. Of course nothing is indestructible, but this has got to be the closest thing there is to indestructible, short of making them out of steel (and Foldaway plastic doesn't rust, so will probably last longer than steel anyway!).

Introductory Price (FoldAway 8 model) £995

First boats available to see July 2013, and to buy from August 2013.

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The FoldAways have easily-driven, double-ended hulls which are ideally suited to electric drive.

A white FoldAway 8 is shown here with a 1kW Torqeedo 1003S but a 503 or even smaller motor would suffice; we found that set at 200 Watts (1/5 power on the 1003) would drive the boat along at approx 3 knots with two people on board.

We can offer the Torqeedo 503 electric outboard at £1205; or a Suzuki 2.5 (petrol) at £549.