TORQEEDO 1003 Electric Outboard Motors
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12 volt DC charging lead now available

We are UK agents for the full range of TORQEEDO electric outboards (from Germany), but most of our sales are of the 1kW (one kilowatt) 1003S and 1003L models, which have unique integrated rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

These are ideally suited to portable boats, because they are easy to use, quiet, lightweight, and won't make your car/van smell of petrol! 

Key Features include:
Powerful 1kW motor eclipses most if not all other small electric outboards.
IP67 Waterproof. A brilliant feature for small boats!
EASY & SAFE to Use. Just twist and go; no choke, starting cord, spilling petrol, etc.
Built-in GPS/LCD Display shows battery state, range etc. 

The LCD screen, plus built-in GPS technology, is highly reassuring on an electric motor - and unique to Torqeedo - giving constant readouts of (from top):
- battery charge status
- range, at current speed (miles or km)
- speed (mph or kmph)
- power draw in Watts

Battery Life/Range
As this seems to be the major concern with electric motors, it is worth going into some detail. The battery supplied with the 2014 year model 1003 (the most popular model) is 532 Watt hours 
(18 amp hours at 29.6 volts). This means you will get just over half an hour if you run it flat out, or approx one hour at half power, or two hours at quarter power.

If someone else who sells Torqeedos tells you the 1003 battery will last 6 or 7 hours (at any kind of useful speed), they don't know what they're talking about! However, speed does not drop off in direct proportion as you reduce the power input, so the available range increases significantly as you "throttle back".

To use a real world example, you should be able to drive the Nestaway Trio 14 boat at 5-6 knots for half an hour flat-out, or about 3 knots for 2.5-3 hours, using the Torqeedo 1003. Being realistic that is often all that many people really want or use their boats for - an hour or so each way, stopping at the pub for lunch etc. Or you might be planning to sail/row some of the distance...

A popular option is to take two batteries and only ever use one to go the first half of the journey - then you'll always know there is enough to get back again (assuming you didn't have very strong wind/tides acting in your favour on the outward journey).

Because it's lithium-based, the battery's full capacity can be used without detriment to the battery lifetime (unlike lead acid batteries, which dislike being discharged more than 40-50%).

The Torqeedo 1003 is supplied with a mains (240 volt) charger as standard, and will now (since March 2015) recharge a completely flat 1003 battery in about 7 hours. This makes the optional mains-powered "fast charger" largely irrelevant, as that does it in 6 hours (2014 and earlier batteries took 12-13 hrs as standard).

There is also the option to charge using a 12V DC source, which is particularly useful if you want to re-charge on board a yacht or in a motorhome. With a 12V charger it will take about 13 hours from flat. The Torqeedo 12V DC charger is £30 extra.

Because the charge/discharge systems operate at different voltages you also have the possibility to charge the battery from solar panels etc - this can be at the same time as you are running the motor.

The 1003 is designed with easy-to-remove battery and tiller. It only weighs approx 30-lb in total, of which 10-lb is the battery, so you only ever need to manhandle 20-lb (less than any petrol motor on the market today) onto the back of the boat. 

Also, unlike (four stroke) petrol motors, you don't have to worry about laying them down on one particular side, or even about getting them wet, which makes storage straightforward too.

Not to mention the relative silence, ease of use, lack of pollution, not spilling petrol everywhere... if you're doubtful about electric outboards, please come and try one out with us. (By appointment, but no obligation.) 


Torqeedo 1003S

We also offer the Torqeedo 1003S with a second 520Wh battery at £1,728 (saving another £50).

The 1003L model is also available at £50 extra.

Please do tell us if these are not the best prices you find in the UK.

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Price above does not include delivery - ideally we'd prefer that you come to see us
and see a 1003 running etc, to be sure it's what you want. If that's not possible UK
mainland delivery is about £30. Overseas delivery is possible, price depends on
destination (please ask).

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