TOHATSU Petrol Outboards 

Whilst we are strong advocates of electric outboards (see our Torqeedo Page), there is no denying that, if you want longer range capability, nothing beats a tank of petrol!

Tohatsu's Japanese-made motors are renowned for their reliability and it is no great 
secret that the Tohatsu company also manufactures the smaller outboards marketed under the Mariner/Mercury brands (and Nissan where available). Apart from logos and pricing they are for the most part identical, although for example the Tohatsu 4/5/6 models were recently updated with a front-mount gear shift and a longer tiller handle - very useful features in engines that are likely to be used on small boats. Such features tend to be introduced on Tohatsu-branded motors first, and follow on the Mariner or Mercury equivalents a year or so later.

It is worth noting that Tohatsu outboards are offered with a five year warranty - you should consider this when comparing to "economy" brands from China etc.  

The smallest Tohatsu outboards are the 2.5 and 3.5, ideal candidates for powering any of our boats. In standard shaft these weigh a very manageable 18.4kg (long shaft 19.4) - often misleadingly quoted as 17kg by some retailers, but that's a nonsensical "dry weight" (without any oil or fuel!).

They have many useful/desirable features that are not always found at this size, including: proper forward-neutral gearbox; twist-grip throttle, heavy duty aluminium propeller; water cooling, and an integral fuel tank. (We find the centrifugal clutches used by some other manufacturers difficult to control, and air cooling rather noisy.)


Next size up are the 4/5/6 models. They are available with integral and/or external tanks, weighing from 26kg. For most customers we think the external tank version is probably the best option, as it's the lightest to put on/off the boat, and at this sort of power the integral tank would only last an hour or so before you have to fill up again (so you will probably need to carry a separate tank anyway). 

The current version has a front-mounted gear lever and 4" longer tiller handle for added convenience and safety when mounted on the transom of small boats - you don't have to lean back so far.  

Going up another size we also offer the Tohatsu 9.8 (and its virtually identical sister the 8), which is a very nice, smooth twin cylinder engine and a couple of kilos lighter than the Suzuki equivalent.

Lastly the Tohatsu 15/20hp motors are very well-priced, and again nice smooth twin cylinder motors, but an older design and about 8kg heavier than the Suzuki.

Tohatsu Engine Prices when purchased with boat as a package; 
(Trio 16 requires long shaft, all other boats standard shaft):
- Tohatsu 2.5hp standard shaft, integral fuel tank, £520
- Tohatsu 2.5hp long shaft, integral fuel tank, £565

- Tohatsu 3.5hp standard shaft, integral fuel tank, £575

- Tohatsu 3.5hp long shaft, integral fuel tank, £590
- Tohatsu 6hp standard or long shaft, incl remote tank, £950
- Tohatsu 9.8hp standard or long shaft, man start, remote tank, £1750
- Tohatsu 20hp standard or long shaft, man start, remote tank, £2150   

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